Flooring to Cool Your Home

Flooring to cool your home | Kirkland's Flooring

With record high temperatures peaking around the nation this summer, homeowners everywhere are looking for effective, energy-efficient solutions that can help keep the cool indoors. In addition to evaluating your windows and the weather strips in your doorways, did you know that your flooring choices can contribute to keeping the…

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Embracing the Coastal Look

Embracing the coastal look | Kirkland's Flooring

For many families, this summer has presented a series of unique challenges that have forced us to put our vacations on hold and think creatively about finding new ways to relax at home. If you were looking forward to that trip to the coast or heading down south to the…

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Waterproof for the Win

Waterproof flooring Evans, GA | Kirkland's Flooring

Life is messy. We get it. Whether you have a house full of kids, furry friends, or both, the team at Kirkland’s Flooring showroom in Savannah, GA understands that you need carpet and flooring that stands up to the demands of your hectic lifestyle. This is why leading…

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